Swimming Pool Resurfacing

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Swimming Pool Resurfacing

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GC Works uses the most advanced products and techniques to Resurface Swimming Pools. We specialize in Resurfacing of old Swimming Pools, installing new Pool Decks, New Pool Drainage, new Lighting and Electrical for old Pools, and new Pool Tiles and Coping. We are licensed and insured and provide a 1-year standard guarantee for all workmanship. When we finish, your pool will be better then when it was originally constructed.

Swimming Pool Resurfacing

Resurfacing of a Pool involves removing the existing finish, chipping or sandblasting, and repairing a pools structure. Upon completion of repairs Diamond Brite is applied leaving the Pool looking new.

Replacing Pool Tiles

Resurfacing Pools require tiles to be replaced. Pools have Drain Tiles, Depth Tiles, and Marker Tiles, that need to be replaced or cleaned.  It is important when Resurfacing a Pool, to clean and replace Pool Tiles for an enjoyable pool atmosphere.

Replacing Pool Coping

Pool Coping is the ridge and edge that surrounds the pool.  Typically Pool Coping is either tile, stone, or concrete. All pools require coping. If you are completing a new pool or resurfacing and existing pool, coping needs to be replaced, resurfaced, cleaned, and grouted.

Replacing Pool Lighting

All Pools require lighting and electrical. When Resurfacing a Pool Lights and Electrical typically need to be upgraded.  Regardless if your pool is new or old, while resurfacing your pool,  new pool  lights will make your pool look awesome.

Replacing Pool Drainage

When we Resurface a Swimming Pool, and replacing a pool deck, we slope the pool’s deck into the new drainage system, leaving the deck free from pooling. Proper drainage ensures water leaves a pools deck surface area free from flooding.

Replacing Pool Decks

When Resurfacing a Pool it is often necessary to replace an existing Pool Deck.  Replacing a pool deck completes the design maks swimming and relaxing by the pool enjoyable. Once the pool resurfacing is complete we complete the pool deck to your desires.

Replacing Pool Lanes

Many commercial pools require Pool Lanes to be replaced when Resurfacing a Pool.  Pool Lanes consist of Hooks, Lane Lines, marker tiles, and Line line Tiles. When we Resurface a Swimming Pool we provide the finishes that make swimming enjoyable.

Resurfacing Pool Clients

We Resurface Swimming Pools for Federal Entities, Municipalities, Hotels,  Condo Associations, and homeowners.  Whatever type of property you own or manage, we can Resurface your Swimming Pool and Replace the Pool Deck to your needs.