Our Process

Step One: Initially, our team provides an in-depth analysis of each projects requirements. We scope out each project, plan for all aspects and contingencies, and provide transparency at every level.  Our transparency extends to time schedules, paperwork, schedules of values and payment applications, and other critical documents.

Step Two: As the project proceeds, we provide detailed As-builds, construction testing reports, inspection logs, weekly reports and photos.  Our superintendents, and project managers along with support staff stay in contact with their respective owner counter parts on an as needed basis, updating as required to assure timely and outstanding project completion.

Step Three: As the project comes to a close we complete a closeout package which includes operational manuals, maintenance manuals, warranties, Architectural and Civil As-builds, final inspection reports, and Certificate of Occupancy, as required. As part of our closeout package we also furnish photos, and videos among other relevant information.